“The Day After” and NGC7331 with his friends

After a full night of semi-automated imaging the scope stands in the sunlight and is in need of a comb to tidy up all the loose cables.  The target was NGC7331 of which 6 hours of fotons were gathered.


NGC7331 60x300s ISO800 Esprit120 F7 Nikon D750 SCM2040 4OKT2018 CROP 66% v2


A few days later I imaged the same object using the C11 and the F/7 reducer:

The “Deer Lick group” of NGC7331 and his little buddy galaxies, and bottom left the famous “Stephan’s Quintet”. C11 + Starizona LF Reducer 64x300s

Testing polar alignement

To prepare for the clear nights to come, I made use of a brief clearance between clouds to test the polar alignement. I connected the ASI174 to the Esprit f=840mm and let PHD2 guide for 4 minutes. The Polar Alignement stabilized on 4 arc minutes

Is that good enough?


And the result of the next night: the PHD2 Guidelog analysed with PECPREP

The PHD2 Guidelog as seen over almost the entire night, 7hours of guiding
The guidelog in more detail, this is another section of the guiding over 2 minutes
The calibration cross of PHD2 seems pretty much ok